Low Price Alien Skin Bokeh 2

Low price alien skin bokeh 2

Bokeh 2 supports Photoshop CS5's bit workflow for Windows and Mac. List Price: $ Contact: Alien Skin, () , aargas.me LENS SETTINGS 12 Best Travel Photography Guides. This collection of. Alien Skin announces Bokeh 2 plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Bokeh 2 The pro 4 and microsoft office sharepoint workspace low price scream. Plug-in software publisher Alien Skin made its name long ago with its striking Eye Candy effects for illustrators and designers, but the company.

Published in Software Selective-focus techniques can take a good photo and make it great by focusing attention where you want, softening background distractions. Available as a plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements and Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X3, Bokeh 2 offers dozens of presets to get you started quickly, including ones that simulate the effects of popular lenses. Select a preset, and you quickly can change the point of focus and the feather amount by dragging and resizing targets on your image. You easily can tweak these presets with just a few slider controls to tailor the effect to your image. List Price: Alien Skin, , www.

As with other plug-ins from Alien Skin, Bokeh 2 is now updated to deliver full bit support At $, Bokeh 2 isn't necessarily cheap; however, for a lot of photographers, it will be well worth the price to expand what you can. Con: $ price is too high given how infrequently you'll be able to use it Here's an image shot at f using a Canon 5D Mark II, with the Canon 50mm f lens Alien Skin Bokeh does an extremely accurate job of emulating an f lens . With Bokeh, you can lower the depth of field in this landscape to. With their second release, Bokeh 2 has added new bells and whistles as well as a . to replicate, but for roughly 1/10 the price of an 85mm f/ lens for instance, this plugin has *The Bokeh 2 logo is used with permission from Alien Skin Software. The best gets better, now with a TRP discount code.

With discount Low price alien skin bokeh 2

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An interesting word. What does it mean? Most of you reading this web site already know what it means, but many of you have no clue. Many newbies read this site and I get e-mails almost daily asking me questions like What is Bokeh? What is Aperture? How can I take a good picture?


Photoshop CC Alien Skin Bokeh

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