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It is all fine if I just pull the cursor or hit the play button on the main timeline window. My work-around is to assemble my video tracks on the synch timeline nest that into an AVCHD timeline for the multi-cam edit. What Gary means when he says you can monitor your Cineform timeline via the Mini is that you can put Cineform files on a Matrox timeline.

You only get output through the Mini when you use one of the Matrox sequence presets. You can't get output through the mini when you are using a Cineform sequence preset in PPro, but there is no need for that. Once upon a time, you had to use a Cineform preset to use Cineform files in Ppro, but that has not been true for a while.

Interestingly, you can have a non-Matrox timeline but still get Matrox playback of what is in the source monitor. I sometimes find it useful to have the source monitor displayed via the Mini to the tv on my left, the main editing window with a multi-cam monitor overlay on the screeen in front of me and have the program monitor displayed full screen on the computer screen to my right.

If you have those kinds of specialized needs, the Mini is not for you. I Alt-tab into First Light, adjust one of the files, Alt-Tab back to Ppro and I can instantly check the adjustment against the other video tracks via the Mini display to the tv.

Another great thing about this is that First Light metadata adjustments have virtually none of the slow rendering or computing overhead that you have when you use many of CS5's adjustment effects. Not all of them are MPE enabled. Can you do better than the Mini for color matching? For those in that higher upper league, some find the Mini is good enough and some do not. But there are many little things that just suck. All the menus are horrible — cluttered and full of nutty junk. Looks like design by committee.

There are multiple full screen modes and none of them are what I want. Zooming with the trackpad is weird. I finally figured out that the zoom in shortcut actually goes to 1: The main image view seizes up after an indeterminate amount of use and shortly afterwards Lightroom crashes.

By default the left side of the main window is wasted space. Oh, and the stupid presets are displayed as a list of words — you need to mouse over them to get a low-fidelity preview. A crime against humanity. This is especially important if the sky is visible. The Photos App is far more competitive with Lightroom than Aperture.

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