Great Deals Alien Skin Bokeh 2

Great deals alien skin bokeh 2

Skin Bokeh 2. The program's interface isn't perfect, but it has some great image effects First impressions of Alien Skin Bokeh 2 are mixed. As with other plug-ins from Alien Skin, Bokeh 2 is now updated to deliver full At $, Bokeh 2 isn't necessarily cheap; however, for a lot of. For Monitor Unify IT Performance Analytics Platform Centeritys award winning software provides a portal cgeap Buy cheap Alien Skin Bokeh 2.

Alien Skin Bokeh Review: Alien Skin Bokeh 6 Comments Pros: Accurately simulates shallow depth of field. Gives much greater control over highlight appearance and apparent depth than Photoshop alone. Note that that limited use is not a deficiency in the product, but a reality of the difficulty in masking more complex images. On the one hand, photographers use lenses that deliver a fine degree of sharpness and advanced autofocus systems that ensure proper focus.

With discount Great deals alien skin bokeh 2

Long list of technical-looking presets Expensive for what it does Lacks manual masking tool Plug-in software publisher Alien Skin made its name long ago with its striking Eye Candy effects for illustrators and designers, but the company also publishes a range of photo enhancement tools, and Bokeh 2 is just one of those programs. It aims to recreate the shallow depth of field effects you get from shooting in larger formats at wider lens apertures, and it can at the same time produce a range of vignette effects to help concentrate attention on your main subject. You can try for a subtle background defocus that improves the picture's impact without being obvious, or go for a 'lo-fi' effect reminiscent of Holga or Lomo cameras, with strong vignetting and edge blur. It's a direct rival to OnOne software's FocalPoint 2 plug-in, but it costs around twice as much, so the key questions are not just whether it's any good, but whether it's worth the money. Ease of use First impressions of Alien Skin Bokeh 2 are mixed. The interface looks a little old-fashioned, especially the plain text presets and settings in the control panel on the left side. It looks more like a shareware plug-in than a premium product. But then when you start to work with the controls, you realise it's both fast and efficient.


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