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The following defects have also been fixed: Annotation Scaling A drawing that contains a large number of anonymous blocks and copies of annotative entities created in AutoCAD , or an earlier release, opens slowly in AutoCAD A scale is infinitely enumerated when you insert a drawing that contains the same scale as a block or an external reference xref. Attributes When you attempt to display a tooltip of a multiline text mtext attribute that contains characters or more, AutoCAD crashes. When you move a block using an insertion grip, mtext attributes move incorrectly. When the default value of an mtext attribute in a block contains a field, you cannot edit the attribute text to replace the field with other data.

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You need to download 3ds Max installer from Autodesk Virtual Agent or using Browser Download method and then install the software. When trying to view the model using the BIM Glue app on the iPad, there isn't enough memory to display the model. If the file contains NWD files, do this: Open Navisworks or and go to Options 2. Enable "Optimise On Load" 3.

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